Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bats in the Cave

This weekend was full of long hours, seeing old friends and customers, doing what I love best, tons of laughter and looking for bats in the cave.

I was asked to work as a camp counselor @ the 4th annual Cord Crop Camp in Aurora. This was bitter sweet for me, but I was glad I had the opportunity to work with Amy and Stephanne again. They are such a crack up.

Seeing my old customers...with this I mean previous, was so great. It was nice to catch up with all of them and to know how much they miss the store, Jenn and I and the other girls.

Sitting Saturday night in the lobby with the rest of the camp staff was a lot of fun. We laughed until we peed. Well, maybe only I peed a bit! Margie told us about the haunted house she lives in...I would have moved out along time ago! Michelle was falling asleep at the table. I think she even walked back to her room with her eyes closed. Terri was barely awake after teaching the same class 6 times that day. The stories were fun, but spending time with everyone was even "funner". Sorry Ruthie that you missed out on all of it, but I'm glad you feel better.

One of the funniest things that happened this weekend was when Amy walked up to me when I was getting ready to do my daily demo and asked me if she had any bats in the cave. I laughed so hard...I almost peed again. (she wanted to know since she just blew her nose if there was anything left in there). I had never heard that before.

One of the issues this weekend was the customers from the NE Ohio stores that had been closed. Amy was concerned for them, that they don't have a store to shop at any more and wanted to reassure them that they were welcome and we were glad that they came to camp. As Amy put it, she wanted to address the "elephant in the room". I told her to stop talking about me like that!

All in all, we had a great time. I am glad I decided to take Amy up on her offer to work and get paid "a dollar a pound"...in which I was paid way too much since I don't weigh that much. I am glad I met new friends from Cord that I hope to see again when I come with my friends from here to scrapbook with them down in Columbus.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Busy Week Ahead

How did I ever have time to work? This week is so busy for me, if I did still work, I would have to take vacation to get everything done.

Today, I have a meeting with all of Jared's teachers and principal to see what we can do to get him the help he needs to survive the rest of his school career. He is getting very frustrated with things that he is giving up. Then, I have to go back to the school to pick Jared up for an orthodontist appointment. Then, back to the school for a third time to pick Emily up from track practice @4:45pm. Tomorrow, I have meetings all afternoon for PTA. Wednesday, Emily and I go to the dentist in the morning.

In the meantime, I have to finish samples for this weekend. I am working @ a big scrapbook getaway for Cord...the company that I used to work for. So, Amy asked me to do samples to help sell a product and also to demo alcohol ink. First, I have never used it, so I watched videos and had my friend, Linda show me how to use it. It really is easy, but i think the chemicals have affected my allergies, because now I feel like I am getting sick. I really don't have time to get sick.

I truly am looking forward to this weekend. 3 days of fun! Well, actually, a lot of work and long hours mixed with some fun. I am really excited to work with Amy and Stephanne too! I haven't seen them for so long.

Well, off to the showers...I probably won't have time to post again this week since I leave Friday morning, so I will update you all about my weekend when I get back and catch up on some sleep.

Until then...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Track Shoes and Crutches

On Monday, Emily came home and told me that she needed track shoes with spikes to run track. Okay, for one thing, like she really needs a new pair of shoes, and another, it's just something that is a bit much for our budget since I am not working and Larry is laid off every other week.

On Tuesday, she told me that there was a mandatory meeting that night for all spring sports. She knew the week before, but forgot to tell me. So, we go to the meeting, then we went to buy her track shoes. Well, she found a pair that wasn't too high in price. They were $60.00. I told her she had to run and run fast if I was going to buy these shoes.

On Thursday, Emily came home and could not put any weight on her right foot. Oh, great...first thing I thought of was there goes my $60.00. Then quickly after that, I asked her what happened. She was running sprints and heard a "pop" in the front of her ankle. OUCH! She was in a lot of pain, and at 9:15 p.m. she still couldn't put any weight on it. So, I took her to the ER. I was afraid it might be fractured. Well, it's not, just a bad sprain. Sometimes a sprain can be worse than a break.

So, she is now on crutches for a week or until she can put weight on it. She is afraid to try, so this might take awhile. She is determined to start running track again as soon as she is able to. She even said she is going to "work extra hard" when she gets back. Good for you Emily!

See you at the meets...

Cavaliers Game

Saturday March 7th brought us another day at the Cavaliers game. Larry, Jared, his friend JD and I went to the game. The game was really good...never once were the Cavs behind in the game. The boys really had a good time. Even though they had a guy next to them...he was probably in his late 20's who was trying to fix them up with some girls in the next section that were a bit to old for them. This guy...he had a bit to drink, but he was really nice to the boys. He talked to them about sports and school and the game. They pretty much missed the entire 3rd quarter of the game talking to him. At the end of the game, his wife was really apologetic for him, but he truly was fine. (and good looking too!)
Here are a few pictures from the game...
This is the actual view from our seats. We were 3 rows from the top of the arena. I did not know that's how high they were when we got the tickets. We have never sat that high. And let me tell you, I was a bit afraid when I had to walk down the steps. Jared said he thought they were the best seats because he was able to see everything from above. That is what it felt like, we were sitting above the court. Maybe next time we will get seats on the jumbo-tron. I think they can actually fit a few chairs up there.

A few pictures of Jared and JD...

They bought matching hats and foam fingers.

The boys laughed the whole way home...it is always fun to listen to kids in the back of the car when they are talking and goofing around. It probably didn't help that we stopped half way home and they got a bottle of orange crush and a candy bar. Just what they needed...more sugar.
Until next time...

Friday, March 6, 2009


This week was full of fun and adventure...well for me at least...being unemployed means doing anything out of the house is fun and adventurous.

Emily started conditioning for track on Tuesday. She was a little sore, but not to bad she said. They ran a lap around the track on Thursday, and she came in last out of about 45 girls. She was fine with that...not having run track last year, she was glad to have made it at all. She will improve as time goes on.

Thursday, NYAJ and I went to a scrapbook store in Alliance in the Carnation Mall called "Scrapbooks by Lisa". I have been there before, but this was Jenns first time. I think its a nice store...a lot to choose from. And since we have no other stores in our area, there is nothing else to choose from. We then went to lunch at Applebee's and had a delicious lunch and chocolate desert. After, I remembered there was a store in Louisville, not far from where we were. It is called Memory Manor. It is a very small store with a lot of stuff in it. There is a nice selection of clearance paper there. I would go back, but not make a special trip there.

Today, I met my friend Linda for lunch at Antone's for their lunch buffet. Being Friday and during lent, it was a fish buffet. OMG, the food was so good. Linda was sharing some of her unused paper storage containers and some ribbon, so I got them from her there. Thanks Linda for sharing. NYAJ and I really appreciate you thinking about us.

So, that was my exciting week in a nutshell. And, Larry was off all week, and we didn't do anything! Well, he did take me for ice cream today after I got back from lunch. Mmmmm!

Tomorrow we are off to Cleveland to see the Cavs game. Larry got tickets for Christmas, and Jared is taking his friend JD. We always enjoy a good Cavs game. I will let you know how it goes.

Until then...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pop Up Her Nose

So, today Larry, Emily and I were eating pizza, wings and salad from Alfredo's and Emily was having fries and a chocolate frosty from Wendy's...she dips her fries in her frosty! (Jared was down his friend Brian's house). Anyway, Emily asked her dad if she could have a sip of his Mt. Dew...usually a sip to her is a super large gulp, so as soon as she put the bottle up to her mouth, both Larry and I both yelled (jokingly) "that's enough". Well, that's when it happened, Emily started laughing and she got Mt. Dew up her nose. We all know how that feels, YUCK. This was her first experience of having pop up her nose. We laughed so hard as it was running our of her nose. At least her sinus' are now clear!