Thursday, April 30, 2009

Practical Joke

A few weeks ago I went with several other girls to a conference for Ohio PTA in Columbus. The conference itself was, well, just okay. The two seminars that I attended were informative. The company I was with was fun. I really enjoyed their company.

Kelly Jo Howdyshell Phillips tried to play a practical joke on Lisa, Donna and I. Long story short, her and Amy threw towels out their window (the first one being accidental)...when they went to go down to get them, we threw water on them...they had a maintenance man with them and he got wet. I know, sounds like spring break all over again! So, Kelly paid him to come to our room to tell us that all of us had to leave the hotel...we were getting kicked out. Well, I didn't believe her from the start, but Lisa started packing, especially when she looked out the hall and all of them had their luggage in the hall ready to go. I still wasn't packing. Anyways, I was right, Kelly was playing a joke on us. I did get a set of salt and pepper shakers (stolen from a room service tray) from Kelly as a peace offering. Thanks Kelly, I do like them!

All in all, we had a great time. But next year I'm staying on another floor!

Until next time...

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