Saturday, June 6, 2009

Such a Busy Life

I know, I has been a while since my last post. I actually wish I could say that I have been too busy to post. Well, I have been busy, but not enough to use as an excuse.

The kids only have 3 days of school left...we are all so very excited about that. This means I don't have to pack any more lunches for almost 3 months. I absolutely hate to pack lunches. Jared is going to start running Cross Country for 7th grade in July. I think he will do well if he stays with it. Emily will be trying out for Volleyball for the 3rd year in a row, let's pray she makes it this year. If not, God love her for her perseverance.

Larry had been laid off for a week so far. In that week, he has cut the grass...well, that's it, he has cut the grass. Okay, I'll let him off the hook since he was sick for 4 of those days. He also cut the grass at my cousins lake house too...that took him 3 hours.

I have also been sick...Larry and I both had some upper respiratory thing going on...still lingering around. So, every time I cough, I pee a little bit. I know...TMI (as my kids would say).

This weekend we are having a garage sale...I am actually sitting at it right now. Haven't been to busy today, but did well yesterday. Then, after I planned our sale, we got a flier in our paper box Wednesday that our neighborhood is having their annual garage sale next weekend. I was waiting to hear about it, but never did. So, I think I might just leave my stuff up for the week and open again next least for one day to see how that goes.

Well, until next time, let's hope it's not so long between posts...I will be busy laying in the pool, catching some sun...anyone can come join us anytime.

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